Friday, April 16, 2010

How Brian Found Out...

So we weren't necessarily "trying" to have another baby, but we weren't NOT trying either. We've always known we wanted more kids, and the biggest thing on our mind for the planning was whether or not we should have the baby before we go to Disney in December or whether I should go there pregnant. So we talked about it. But didn't actually decide anything.

One day near the end of February I was sitting at my desk and I sneezed. And I felt some crazy ligament stretching when I did. One of my friends looked at me and said "Bless you," and then asked why I had an incredibly weird look on my face. I made up some silly reason, but I knew right then...I was pregnant. It was also incredibly too early for me to get any sort of accurate result from a Home Pregnancy Test, so I just put it off for a week. And the same symptoms came back. I didn't say anything, I just waited until I was off one Friday and went and got a test. I took it during snack time, but I waited to look at it. Because I already knew, I just wanted to be sure.

And it was positive! I didn't want to call Brian at work and tell him. I wanted to do something fun. Wyatt's pregnancy was a phone call. "Hey, I know our wedding is in two months, and I know I had my final fitting yesterday, but something's suddenly come up." When I was pregnant with Reese we were trying, and I kept the secret for 3 whole days before I told him on Christmas Eve.

Since Wyatt was (technically) the first person I told, I wanted to make sure the kids were involved this time. So I went out (My poor sister ran errands with me and waited in the car with the kids while I did all this and I didn't even tell her!) and got a picture frame with three openings, and I got a Big Sister shirt for Reese from Carter's. I put pictures of Brian and I with Wyatt when he was first born, and another of the two of us with Reese. Unfortunately, she's in her isolette in the NICU in the picture and we're just sitting next to her, but I wanted the whole "brand new baby" message to come across. I left the third picture opening blank to hopefully help him figure out that it was there for the new baby (I mean, he is a smart guy, so I didn't think he would need to be coached or anything).

We had my birthday dinner at my parents house that night and Brian met us there after work, so by the time we got home it was late and the kids were tired. I almost put off telling him until the next morning, but I didn't think I would be able to keep the secret that long, and I really wanted to involve Wyatt and Reese (hey, I know my limits). So we got home and I got Reese's new shirt on, and had Wyatt carry the picture frame. This is what happened...

The funny thing is that when the kids first walked up all Brian saw on Reese's shirt was the "sister." He said he didn't notice the "big" part. At least, not until he saw the frame and figured it out. It short because I couldn't record while he was giving me a hug, but we're both so happy and excited to have Gooey join our family! And we're taking a newborn to Disney, which in my opinion, will be significantly easier than going pregnant. We already took Reese at two and a half months, we're pros at this!

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