Monday, April 19, 2010

Wyatt's Second Soccer Game!

Things went much more smoothly at Wyatt's second soccer game today! Everybody did a great job warming up and playing. It was still a bunch of three year olds, so there was a lot of frantic running in every direction, but it was a lot of fun to watch. I think I distracted Wyatt a little too much by taking him with me to buy the snacks for his team though. He walked up to me halfway through the game and said "Can I have some goldfish now please, Mommy?"

Getting ready to make a shot. This is all very serious business.
Repeating the YMCA oath. Wyatt is number 8 (like Yogi Berra, not Cal Ripken).
This is his little run. He wobbles back and forth while he waits to see which direction the other player is going in.
This picture cracks me up! If you look at the blob of white shirts on the bottom you can see Wyatt's head. The little girl tripped and fell on him. All of the other parents kept saying "Is he gonna cry? Why isn't he crying?" I told them he doesn't cry when he falls, just when he gets taken out of the game.
I have to tell you, I love his longish hair, and two other moms told me they thought it was so cute! I like to watch it fly up when he runs.
Taking one last run down the field.
Explaining to Brian why he could not share his goldfish.

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