Monday, April 26, 2010


Hmmm...what do I have to say today?

We got some things done this weekend. We got a Topsy Turvy Tomato hanger and we're now going to grow our own tomatoes (or attempt to)! I looooove tomatoes and so does Reese! We also got one for strawberries, now we just need to find the plants!

We got a few things done around the house. Some closet stuff, a few little projects, and hopefully some more will get done this week!

I just remembered that tomorrow I'm going to Rockafeller's for lunch at work! My team has gotten some big things crossed off of our to do list over the last few weeks, and we're going out to celebrate. Yum! We had to make a choice, and it came down to Rockafeller's or Waterman's. Since two of us had our rehearsal dinner's there (including me), Rocakfeller's won!

I decided to take a certain blog off of my list over there ---> and to stop following it. I just felt like it had become all about money, and the more I clicked on it (even though I was exasperated with the product placement, the constant talking (or bullying) about the need to give to charities when you yourself are "broke", and adding the "new author" as another attempt to make money) the more money went in. So I'm done with it. The kids are cute, but I can live without them in my daily life.

Wyatt has his third soccer game and his team pictures tonight! I am so excited to see his first little team picture and start his little sports scrapbook!

Reese cracks me up! Every time the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on and Mickey says "Hey Everybody, do you want to come and play in my clubhouse?," she says "No!" and gets this huge smile on her face.
That's all that I really have for today. Sorry I was so boring, maybe I'll be able to come up with something more creative later!

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