Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bye Parker!

After we said goodbye to Parker on Christmas Eve, he was apparently up to some shenanigans!
 He put streamers outside Wyatt and Reese's bedroom doors (this was Reese's - Wyatt army crawled into her room to get her the next morning so she could bust out)!
 He also hung streamers in the kitchen on our Christmas wall (all the kids artwork from December), and from our chandelier.  If you look on the chalkboard you can see his "note."
I edited this in Picasa and printed it at CVS.  They were so excited to see a message from their little elf friend.  I can't wait to welcome Parker back next year.  Even though Reese's exact words when she saw the presents on Christmas morning were, "See Mom, Santa brought us presents even though we were naughty!" Yeah...


  1. Haha! I love Reese's response!!! I seriously cannot wait until Gwen is old enough for our own Elf On The Shelf... and with all the fun ideas on Pinterest, it will be just as mch fun for us as her!