Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 5: Another Trip to the Magic Kingdom

We headed back to the Magic Kingdom to visit with more characters and ride some of our favorite rides.  One of our first stops was Woody and Jessie's spot. As you can see, the majority of our kids had a great time.  Hudson, not so much....

He was just a little bit scared when Woody walked up to say hi.  The funny thing is that Hudson was asleep when we first got there, and he woke up when he heard a little girl scream "Wooooodyyyy!"  He bolted up and started pointing at Woody and Jessie, but then he didn't really want to visit with them.
 Woody was a little embarrassed!
 We love Toy Story so much that we needed a family picture!  You might not be able to find me because I'm just a little bit taller than the kids!

The boys went to play on Tom Sawyer's island for awhile, so Reese, Hudson and I made the rounds.  We visited with the Fairy Godmother, and then waited in line forever to meet Tiana!

I loved their shirts!  I ordered them from this etsy shop, which is also where I got Reese's turkey shirt.    We took a little break in the day to get our sillies out.
 And to take some pictures in the gardens.
 We were able to ride a lot of rides, meet more princesses, and fit in two more parades!  The kids were very excited to see the light parade (even though we almost just ran into it on the way out of the park - we had decided to leave).  But they were in awe of the floats.  We were seated behind an older couple, and she sat down to make room for the kids.  Reese basically walked up and sat on her lap!  I apologized, but she said that Reese was fine.  Reese asked me later if that grandma minded that she sat on her lap!


  1. Such great pics! We are obsessed with Toy Story here too! How funny that Reese sat on her lap!! Too cute! I remember those parades, they were all so magical! Glad you had a great time.

  2. Wow, Brittney, you really are petite! How tall are you, if you don't mind my asking? (I'm 5'3". My hubbie is only 5'7". We made some short kids, too.)

  3. HOw fun!! I am so jealous you go to go there. My daughter has been begging me. What an adorable family and pictures.

  4. Oh how fun!! Their shirts are adorable!