Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wyatt's Christmas Program

Wyatt had his Christmas program on Wednesday.  Even though it's his second year of school, it was his first  Christmas party - last year we had two snow showers in December, and the first caused school to be cancelled on the day of his party!
 Singing Holly Jolly Christmas!

 The "grand finale" was a performance of "Feliz Navidad" with the three year olds.  Wyatt can actually say "Prospero Año y Felicidad." And he sounds absolutely adorable when he says it!  Maybe we'll start working on Spanish homeschool after he starts reading!  I have no idea how to speak Spanish, but I guess 7 years of French could help some?
Wyatt with Daddy - taking a break from enjoying his Rudolph cupcake!

Two things happened at school that cracked me up.  The first is that Natalie's mom (yes, Natalie who we ran into while we were trick or treating) told me that Natalie can spell two names - her own and Wyatt's.  And she wrote Wyatt's name all over her Mom's birthday present! This was after Isabella's mom (who is by far the person I hear about MOST when we talk about school) told me that she hears about Wyatt all the time, too!

Then I actually heard a mom refer to Wyatt as "the one with the good hair."  Yes.  My four year old son has earned that moniker.  Seriously?  And that wasn't the only time that day I heard it!  Brian also said that a few moms at basketball practice remembered Wyatt because of his hair!  

So I've started calling him by a new nickname.  And being the Grey's Anatomy fan that I am, it has something to do with this guy:

And Wyatt doesn't seem the least bit embarrassed when I call him McDreamy :)!


  1. The good hair? Hilarious! (My kid won't ever get that compliment...Mr. Cowlick, maybe!)

  2. That is so cute! It is really fun to listen to what kids that age will say.

  3. Sounds like Wyatt is quite the ladies man in Preschool. :) Love his new nickname. lol.