Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Visiting with Santa!

Brian is on vacation for two weeks, which coincides with the kids' Christmas Break (yes, my husband only had to work about 8 days this month.  This never happens!).  We have put off some things off so that we could really enjoy his time off together.  We tried to go see Santa last weekend and the line was a nightmare.  So we pushed it back to this week, when we knew we'd be able to go on a (hopefully) slow weekday!

We only had to wait in line for 5 minutes!  The big kids did so well, and they told Santa what they would like for Christmas.  Wyatt has already sent a letter to the North Pole (Parker took it for us one night), but he added something - a fire truck. And Reese only asked for one thing - a Teddy Bear.  We're done shopping. (Although my husband is out shopping right now, so I really don't know that we're done!) That would be the downfall of taking your kids at the last minute!

Here is this year's Santa picture!  Hudson was NOT thrilled to be sitting on Santa's lap.  I tried to hold Brian back from passing him to Santa, but the lady in front of us would not make up her mind about what she wanted!   So we ended up with a crying baby picture!

And some Christmases past -
2010 (yes, Wyatt is wearing the same shirt, but I bought it in a size up last year and figured, what the heck?!)

I have no idea where my digital copy of '09 is - but here is a super sweet one from 2008!