Sunday, December 11, 2011

Days 6 & 7: More Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom

This is the last time that I will bore you with the details of our vacation (for awhile, I have a "Princess post," a post about our hotel, and a post about a few "must do's" that I'll share later)!   On Friday we went back to Hollywood Studios - I guess we thought that we should let the kids redeem themselves!  Ha!

Wyatt wanted to ride Star Tours again - and this time it did a number on Brian and I.  I get sick on that kind of stuff (not throw up sick really, but headaches) and even though Brian usually doesn't, he didn't feel very well either.  I worry about the kids having my tolerance for this stuff, but Wyatt seems to be fine!  I think Reese might get a little queasy sometimes, though!
We rode Star Tours, took the back lot tour (which has changed since my first trip 11 years ago - I remember The Golden Girls house being there?), had lunch, ran into one of Brian's former employees working as a housekeeper (I literally ran into her in the bathroom and she followed me out to say hi to  Brian), rode Toy Story Mania again, caught the Little Mermaid, shopped, and watched the Pixar parade!  Hudson likes to be the conductor whenever he hears music!  It was a really fun day!

On what turned out to be out last day (we added an extra day for $32 total just in case we decided to go back on Sunday) we went to Animal Kingdom.  We rode the safari and went straight to Camp Minnie-Mickey to meet some characters.  It turned out to be a great decision because there were no lines and we were done in a half hour!
We had to see Thumper because each of our kids were read Goodnight Thumper every night for the first year and a half of their lives!  Brian and I definitely have that one memorized!

This picture was originally supposed to be Brian and I - and then Wyatt jumped in!  We are big fans of The Amazing Race, and practically every season one of the tasks involves rickshaws, and we wanted to pretend like we were on the Race!

We really wanted to go back to the Magic Kingdom, but we decided to stay for the parade that afternoon.  The kids really seemed to enjoy it.
We took a few pictures of this amazing tree.
Including this pretty cute one!

We were still hoping to make it to the Wilderness Lodge for a visit (we've stayed there on every other  trip and it is amazing, especially at Christmas), and to the Magic Kingdom.  But we had packages to drop off at our hotel and we ended up going there, catching a bus to the Magic Kingdom, immediately getting on a bus for the Wilderness Lodge and then having dinner there.  

We got on a boat to go the Magic Kingdom and ended up stuck on it for 45 minutes - which didn't really matter because it was 8:45 and completely packed!  Brian and I debated on going to the park in the morning, but decided it was better to get on the road early.  We really wanted the Magic Kingdom to be their last experience of the trip - but we were also ready to get home!  We had so much fun on our trip, and even after a few setbacks (like me realizing that I left the laptop in the safe in the room after we'd been on the road for 15 minutes and then turning around to go get it!), we made it home in exactly 12 hours!  Pretty amazing!  I really can't wait to take them back - and we've already started a list of things we'd do differently - ha!

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