Thursday, December 15, 2011

My B-Baller

Wyatt had his first basketball practice last night!  We were excited to sign him up and expose him to a sport that he hasn't really had a lot of practice with.  He was also very excited.  Especially when the Y gave each child his own basketball!

We don't really watch NBA games.  Like, ever.  We do watch college basketball when Duke is on because Brian is a fan.  And because Reese is going to school there.  But even then, Wyatt doesn't really watch it. He sees highlights when we watch Mike & Mike every morning. So he is very excited to learn to play (and he'll probably want to watch some games, too).

 Last night the team learned about defense.  He was very excited to show me his defensive moves when he got home. 
 If Brian and I have our way, our kids will be involved in something year round!  This year Wyatt played baseball in the spring, took swimming lessons all summer, played baseball and soccer in the fall, and he is playing basketball (and probably starting swim lessons again) this winter.  Reese took swimming lessons, played soccer and is taking dance at school.
Obviously we want them to have fun and we don't want a bunch of couch potatoes, but we also want them to learn all the other important lessons as they get older and get more involved in sports.  We are very excited to watch him play basketball this year, and I think he is even more excited to play!

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