Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Week, Pre-Christmas!

Is there a more hectic time of year than Christmas?!  The kids have been out of school since Friday, the sixteenth, and we have been busy!

Our court is full of kids, and we love to have fun get togethers for them.  Big Memorial Day barbecues, Fourth of July parties, movie nights, and we had our first Secret Santa party last weekend!  Only 19 of the kids were able to come to this, but they had the best time.  It was funny to watch the crowd shuffle when it was someone else's turn to open their present.  Wyatt got Don't Break the Ice, and he just LOVES that game!

We spent each night doing something fun.  We went to the Lights at the Beach (basically, you drive down the boardwalk and look at Christmas lights), the Lights at the Gardens, and drove around to look at lights!  This little beauty is down the street from our house.  It is over the top for Christmas, but it is over the top all year.  They live in the kind of house that is so crazy on the outside that the inside gives you nightmares of awful wallpaper and cherubs.  
We took this picture of Reese in  the Ice Princess' throne before we saw Santa.  Then we were told to put our camera away.  The princess wasn't even there!
We obsessively tracked the days until Christmas with our train Advent Calender, as well as our Fisher-Price Nativity countdown.  The only problem with the countdown is the Sant-icipation.  These kids were SOOOO excited on Christmas Eve!
Thursday night Brian and I went to Reese's dance class "showcase."  They did a cute little dance to "Run, Run Rudolph."  Reese did a really great job, we were so proud of her!  Not a hint of stage fright.
On Friday we ran lots of errands and then came home to make foam snowmen.  I honestly didn't think this craft would occupy a ton of time, but boy was I wrong.  Reese sat at the table making these for at least and hour and a half - she made 8!  She is very proud of each one!

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