Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve!

We traditionally spend Christmas Eve at my parents' house (2010, 2009, 2008), where we have a nice Italian meal (my Dad made some AWESOME lasagna this year), spend time together (watching football), and open presents!

It was really fun this year because Hudson is a lot bigger than he was last year, and because Mason was celebrating his first Christmas!

I forgot our Rebel, so all of our pictures are from Brian's iPhone.  Reese opened up her present from my parents - a Story time Belle.  This doll is awesome, but Reese opened it and said, "I already have a Belle."  This was not the only time were heard this, and it drove me crazy!  We explained the difference, and now she is in love with this doll.  It went everywhere with her today!
 Wyatt got some assistance opening his Toy Story space ship from his little cousin.
 How sweet are these two staring at Hudson's Little People Pirate Ship?

We packed up the toys (including the new air hockey table from Uncle Marc and Aunt April!) and came home in time to open our Christmas jammies (yes, we ALL get new pajamas on Christmas Eve).  Brian read the big kids some stories while I got Hudson snuggled in for the night, and we let them watch one Christmas show before bed. They said good bye to Parker (I think they became attached!), and then went to bed quickly!  They were very anxious for Santa to come!

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  1. How cute!!! I adoooore a good Italian meal. I think I could eat Italian food every day! As always, your kiddos are precious!