Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Catch Up!

I feel like I have been playing catch up since we got home!  Out of control laundry, out of control house, getting ready for Christmas - everything is so off!

Wyatt went back to school Monday, and Brian stayed home Monday and Tuesday.  Fortunately the kids (especially Hudson who I was most worried about!) jumped back into their routines really quickly.  Wyatt is waking up really early (like 4:45 early), but other than that, we're good!

On Friday we finally got our family tree up and lit.  I was up until 1 (Yes really. I do the lights.  I'm specific about them - I took lessons from a friend who does 4 trees a year and I've done them ever since).

Saturday was still my morning to get up with the kids, so we got up, had breakfast and got ready for our cousins' birthday party!  Derek and Sophie turned 5!  It's so hard to believe that they are 5 years old - mainly because it means that in just three and a half months this little guy will be 5!

Surprisingly, this was Wyatt's only ride on the pony!  I thought that he might take a few more rides, but he decided to go play with the group of boys instead.  He is really having a lot of fun playing with Derek lately - and when they all decided to go play sports and run Wyatt was definitely in his element!

Reese on the other hand....

I don't think she could have loved riding this pony more!  She stayed in line to ride it the entire time - she would ride the loop, hop off, and then get in line behind Sophie and the other little girl who were in the same routine.  I think she's planning on asking Baba to get her a pony to live in the barn :).

Brian missed the entire party because he had to leave!  This is so TMI, but it's a funny story, I promise! He had a headache all morning, but decided to go anyway.  About 10 minutes after we got there he felt nauseous and went to the car.  Apparently he was sick, but there was a plastic bag in the bag seat that saved him.  His dad was able to drive him home, and he took this with him "just in case."

There were no tools in it because I'd JUST purchased it for him as a Christmas gift.  I bought it because I think that his current big, metal toolbox smells like vomit.  Well, you can guess what happened when he turned the corner to our neighborhood.  Needless to say, I'll need to buy another one because this one smells, too.  Fortunately it was only $7!

He felt better by that night, so we were able to drive around to look at some Christmas lights.  We made an attempt to go see Santa on Sunday morning, but the line was WAY too long.  I think we'll be going on a weekday instead!  

This week is going to be SO fun (and busy!)!  We have Christmas parties and programs at school, and lots of fun activities to do.  Plus, Wyatt starts basketball!  Crazy!


  1. What an adorable pony! Such cute pictures. :) & Poor Brian, lol. Glad hes feeling better.

  2. Oh no! I really, REALLY hope no one else in your family catches the cooties. You know we're in the middle of it right now, and I wouldn't wish that nasty mess on anyone. That was so funny about the vomit bucket, though. Glad it was there!