Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Birthday Weekend!

My birthday was yesterday, so Brian and I got out TWICE this weekend!  On Saturday night Brian's parents watched the kids so we could go to dinner.  I picked Outback (seriously, I love it) for dinner.  Brian truly believes that Outback's 23 ounce Miller Light tastes better than just about anything, so of course he got one.  And I wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to take a photo of Brian enjoying a beer in front of me on my birthday. (Honestly, though, I am totally not a pregnant girl who gets mad at her husband for drinking in front of her.  I don't understand that.)  I would have loved a margarita, but I know I can have one next year :)

In fact, the true outrage occurred when Brian got this ahi tuna appetizer (it's basically raw).  I LOVE this, but there was no way I was eating it pregnant.  So I decided to just be content with my plate full of cheese fries!
After dinner we went to The Skinny Dip to get some yogurt.  Brian tries to be healthy, but even he couldn't resist the M&M's!
I made no such attempt at a healthy yogurt experience.  I got sugar cookie yogurt with Reese's Pieces and chocolate with chocolate sprinkles.  I didn't like the chocolate much, but the sugar cookie?  Oh my goodness, it was yummy!
On Sunday night my mom and sister came over to watch the kids and we went to see Safe House at Cinema Cafe.  I love their pizza (usually), and it helps that Brian does a lot of trade with them.  So we've been to see about 7 movies in the past few months and we've gotten the tickets and the pizza for free!

I thought the movie was really good, it was entertaining and interesting.  I wasn't at all bored!  We've actually seen some pretty good movies lately - Contraband, Mission Impossible 4, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  But, we like the movies!  We used to go to a lot of movies, but it doesn't happen as often anymore.

I had a really great weekend, (and a really great birthday yesterday), and I'm thankful that both sets of grandparents were willing to watch our little ones so that we could go out! The kids took extra special care of me yesterday, so they made sure my birthday was great, too!

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  1. Happy (Late) Birthday, Brittney! And oh yeah...that dessert looks di.vi.ne.!!