Friday, March 16, 2012

A Trip to the Dentist

Wyatt and Reese both had their first dentist appointments on Wednesday.  I was nervous.  Like, incredibly nervous.  I was so stressed about it, and I kept thinking that once we got through Wednesday things would be fine!

Reese and I picked Wyatt up at school a little early (he was by far the one who was the most scared of this!), and then we went to their appointment.  Fortunately, Brian was able to take some time off of work and he met us there so that one of us could sit with each kid!  I also packed Wolfie and Teddy (Wyatt is Wolfie's "lovey" and Teddy is Reese's), so that they would have something to hold while they got their teeth cleaned.

And all my worry was for nothing.

They had X Rays done at their appointment (and I'm going to be honest, I hate X Rays), and they both did such a good job!
When it was time for their teeth to be cleaned, they each chose their toothpaste flavor.  Reese chose cookie dough.

And Wyatt chose cherry.

While we waited for the dentist they were able to play in the office.  Wyatt played a video game while Reese went through every prize box they had! They were both also well behaved through the flossing and flouride experience.  I think they were both worried about meeting the doctor, but they both did great.  Reese especially liked that he let her look at her X Rays!

After the dentist checked out their teeth, he told us that Wyatt has a minimal overbite and really good spacing in his baby teeth - so fingers crossed that he won't need braces!  Ha!  Reese also has a minimal overbite, but her baby teeth are really close together, so we'll have to see what happens when her permanent teeth come in. I think Brian and I were both surprised because we both needed braces when we were younger (we actually discussed horror stories about tightening and rubber bands and pokey wires and brackets last night)!  Maybe I'll get lucky and none of the kids will them (or maybe just half!), and I'll be able to get them again!  My bottom wisdom teeth grew in sideways, and even though my top teeth are perfect, my bottom teeth are crooked now - my parents try to blame the fact that I didn't wear my retainer, but I swear it wasn't my fault!

When we left the dentist they were so good that they each got a small toy and a Sonic slush.  Brian didn't know that I got them the slush and he got them Slurpee's that night, so they were a little wired, but at least we brushed well!  Neither of the kids had any cavities, so the hygienist told us to keep doing what we've been doing.  When we left Wyatt asked when we had to go back and I told him not until after the baby is born.  He said, "Yes! That's going to be a really long time, I'm going to be in kindergarten then!"

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  1. That's so crazy that your kids went to the dentist. I posted on my blog that my daughter got her teeth cleaned yesterday!
    Congrats on the good checkups, Wyatt and Reese!