Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Zoo

On Sunday Brian was kind of enough to take the two big kids to the zoo so that I could get some stuff done around the house.  I honestly don't think he has any idea how much I enjoy the break.  I love my babies, but I'm with them every day from wake up to bed time.  If I have a doctor's appointment or something I can usually get a sitter, but that's not my idea of down time.  And getting a night out with him is great, but I still like a few moments of peace during the day occasionally! It's nice to have a moment to re-energize, and maybe even empty my dishwasher without Hudson trying to climb on it, or Reese trying to help me put away steak knives!

While my master plan failed when Hudson refused to nap (I was going to clean like crazy and maybe take a nap too!), I did get to spend lots of time with my little guy, who is just getting bigger and learning more every day.  Especially words!  Oh my, the words!  But that's an update for a different day!

The kids were initially given a choice between the zoo and going to see "The Lorax."  Because of timing issues, they ended up at the zoo.  Well, the zoo is also free.  And Wyatt had the stomach bug the night before, and giving him popcorn wasn't high on our to do list!

 They had a lot of fun!
I don't know why he isn't smiling here!
Apparently the tigers were napping that day.

When they were walking past the tigers, Brian and Wyatt called Reese over to see one that they had missed earlier.  She told Brian she wasn't coming because the zoo wasn't her choice.  She chose the movies.  Not even kidding with the attitude from that one lately!

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