Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crazy Days are Back!

This weekend was our first weekend back to being a "sports family" - the kind that wakes up early, and one parent goes to check on the condition of the baseball fields while the other gets everyone ready for a 9AM soccer game!

Wyatt had his first soccer game this weekend.  He did a great job!  5 goals and one really great pass! 

This is what happens if you leave Wyatt on a bench with a little girl.  He hams it up and she laughs and chats along.  And no one pays attention to the game!
Brian had to leave halfway through the soccer game because they had a 10AM baseball practice.  I packed up Wyatt's baseball stuff in the car so we could change in the car before practice.  The game ended late (the other coach was a big fan of 5 minute breaks), so I rushed all three kids to the car, loaded them up, and changed Wyatt.  We got to baseball practice 25 minutes late, but Wyatt still made it in time to get some fielding and batting practice!
We spent the afternoon at home.  I had a stomach bug the night before, and while I had recovered, I hadn't slept much - I was exhausted, so I napped with the little kids.  Brian cleaned out the garage with some supervision from Wyatt, and then the kids rode their bikes in the court.  Brian and I went over to hang out with our friends Saturday night, and about an hour and a half after we got there my sister called to tell us that Wyatt had a stomach bug!  He was up with it until midnight (apparently he and Brian watched the basketball tournament together), but he felt fine the next day!


  1. Crazy day! I'd be totally exhausted, and I'm not even pregnant like you!

    Wyatt, the ladies man... Gotta love him!

  2. Exhausting just reading! But that pic of Wyatt on the bench with the girl made me giggle... do you have a Rico Suave on your hands?!?! :)