Saturday, March 10, 2012


Just dumped my phone, and I'm finally getting around to sharing a little about our life over the past week!

 Thursday, March 1 - SUCH a weird day!  That night we had a train go by our house at 1:20 in the morning (it has never come that early - ever - usually 5am at the earliest), and when we woke up we had no power.  Apparently a truck ran into a power pole across the street from our neighborhood.  The kids made do with The Fresh Beats on Netflix on Brian's phone and a "no power" breakfast of Cheerios and bananas.  We still haven't told them we're going to see The Fresh Beat Band next month.  We'll probably surprise them like we did with The Imagination Movers concert!
 Friday, March 2 - Hudson was dragging one of my Thirty-One Large Utility Totes around the house and then he climbed in!  Big enough to fit a toddler!
 Saturday, March 3 - My fashionista's chosen outfit for the day.  I love that she's using Hudson's links as bracelets now.
 Sunday, March 4 - My little acrobat!
 Monday, March 5 - Reese's outfit for the day - purple explosion!  Even her Converse are purple!
 Tuesday, March 6 - They took a break from cleaning the playroom fighting to hug it out!
Wednesday, March 7 - Love my little guy!

We had a pretty busy week, and we're about to get a lot busier!  Wyatt and Brian have started baseball season (Daddy is the coach!), soccer for Wyatt also started on Wednesday (he missed practice because of baseball), and we need to sign Reese up for soccer at the Y, too.  Not to mention that March is when things start to pick up at work for Brian (he'll go from a typical 9 hour work day to an 11 hour day before we know it), and then the waterpark opens for the summer!  It's about to get crazy around here!

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  1. Hudson in the tote made me laugh out loud! As always Reese is such the little cutie pie! I am so excited for the nice weather, spring, and especially summer!