Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our Weekend!

Wyatt had a soccer game at 9 yesterday, so our weekend got off to another early start!

This is what Wyatt does when he's on the bench with a boy.  He watches and pays attention.
And cheers when his team scores!
And this is what happens when he's on the bench with Phoebe. Again.
Fortunately the game ran on time (or close to it), so we were able to make it to baseball a little earlier this week!  He "hit the crud out of the ball," according to Brian.  He did get some big hits!
We came home and had lunch, and I may or may not have taken a long nap with the kids!  Once we were all up we headed out to Dick's to get Brian a new baseball glove.  We have searched high and low for Brian's old glove and we can't find it anywhere!  We must have lost it at some point during fall ball and not noticed until recently.  I know it bothers Brian that he doesn't have his perfectly broken in glove anymore (he's had it since before high school), so it was a big step to go get a new one!

Brian's parents came over last night and we went to see 21 Jump Street at Cinema Cafe.  The movie was okay (funny, but not the funniest movie I've ever seen), and I feel like I spent a lot of the movie waiting for a big cameo that I knew was coming.  But, the pizza was awesome, and we got a night out!  We ended the night at Target, where we ran in to pick up the Muppet Movie for the kids, and ended up with a little more than that!  Mostly Easter Basket stuff!

We were all up early this morning, so we watched the Muppet Movie and read the paper.  Hudson was up to no good while we watched the movie....
We ran some more errands - back to Target for actual necessities, and then we went to the mall to get something for Wyatt's birthday party.  But it turned out that Gymboree was having a 30% off fill a bag sale, so we ended up leaving with more than the $9.95 cupcake set we went in for!  We picked up some free comic books while we were in Williams-Sonoma, so those kept the big kids entertained on the ride home!
We picked up a lot of stuff for a pretty good price - including 4 Christmas shirts for next year for $2.75 each!  They also had a new line of baseball clothes for boys so we picked up a few things for them.  Reese got the hat and a couple shirts - she picked out the hat herself!  She needs to have her face covered during the summer, and if picking out her own hat helps, so be it!
Once we got home and Quiet Time was over, we all watched basketball.  And Reese and Hudson did this - Reese called it a newspaper party.  They were piling up the paper and running in to it, or throwing it in the air.  Surprisingly, it was only the two littles that did this - Wyatt was preoccupied with his new hockey cards!
Reese started soccer tomorrow (if the weather holds up), and she is very excited!  Hope you had a great weekend!

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