Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Day in My Life (Yesterday)!

So, ever since I did this post last year, I've been meaning to do it again.  It's fun(ish) to track my day*.  Life around the house is slightly less chaotic than it was a year ago with a newborn, a potty training girl and a barely potty trained boy.  But you know, it's still life with 3 kids under 5**.

*Actually, it's kind of not.  It can be a little time consuming.  And last year's post was a lot funnier.
**I bet life with 4 under 5 is going to way more exciting.  And crazy. Because I will be completely outnumbered and Hudson will be potty training.

6:30 - Wyatt slept all night in his own bed!  But he's awake now.  Brian gets him set up with Cheerios and milk and we get another half hour to sleep!  (I was waking up at 6 everyday last week.  I'm going to start doing it again.  Just not the day after I've switched my clocks!)

7:00 - Wake up and shower.  Wyatt reviews his reader with Brian (he seriously rocked his first story!).

7:15 - Reese is calling.  I go get her and make her milk and start breakfast.  She is starving because she had a stomach bug this weekend. (Uck!)  But really, the child is always starving. I go get dressed!

7:30 - The kids are still eating and I'm ready(ish) for the day.  Time to get Reese dressed, which is always a fun challenge.  We manage to painlessly pick out an outfit and get dressed.  She goes to finish her waffle.

7:40 - Hudson is up.  Brian goes to get him while I get Wyatt ready for school.  His clothes were chosen last night, so we just need to brush teeth and hair and get dressed.  He's really pretty easy!

7:45 - Hudson is eating, Wyatt is cleaning up his baseball guys.  Reese is playing with her bouncy ball.  The big kids find the time to fight over a bouncy ball while I put on my make up!  I remind everyone that they have jobs to do and well, they just keep fighting.

8:00 - Get Hudson dressed, brush Reese's teeth, make sure everyone has gone potty, and get shoes on.  We don't do velcro (and every day I question this), so it's always a fun adventure to get shoes on!

8:15 - Every one says bye to Daddy and we load up in the car.  It takes about 5 minutes to get all three kids buckled in, and even though it's going to be a really nice day, it's still chilly!  I manage to get a sweatshirt on Wyatt before I buckle him in!

8:22 - We're on the road!

8:30 - Brian calls and reminds me that I never asked Wyatt's teacher whether I should just buy his reader ($10.50) or pay the book fee ($30).  Since we'll have 4 kids going there, maybe just buying it isn't a bad idea.  Since I never emailed her, I have to go in to the school with all three kids!  Usually we just do car pool and I drop him off with a teacher at the front of the school.  Going in = more work for me.

8:33 - We get to school.  I unload all three kids and we manage "parking lot rules"  across the lot.  When we walk in, Wyatt tries to hide behind me, but Reese is saying hi to everyone we pass!  She gets a lot of "Reesie cups" and "Reesie-poo's!"  I seriously love this school.  I talk to Wyatt's teacher about the reader, and Reese plays while we talk.  I guess they go through the books so quickly it's better to just pay the fee.  Sounds good to me!

8:45 - Walk out and Reese shouts, "See you tomorrow!" to Ms. Megan.  We head back home.

8:52 - Back home.  "Mommy, is it snack time?"  She could eat all day!

9:00 - Reese settles in with some coloring sheets she picked up on the way out of school and Hudson is ready to finish breakfast (he only eats a little in the mornings, and then finishes when we get home)!  I check a couple of blogs and check on some work stuff (I do a little social media and data work from home).

9:20 - Straighten up the kitchen, start the dryer, and start the washer.  Clean up Hudson.  Reese asks for Max & Ruby.

9:30 - I realize that I never put the sheets in the washer.  Do that and pick up around the foyer while Hudson does his best to throw every toy on the floor in the playroom.

9:50 - I get distracted by reading this blog after Glennon posts about it on Facebook.  It is seriously heartbreaking.  I close the computer (again) and get to work on Reese's worksheets for the day.

10:00 - Reese and I work on writing letters.  We do pretty basic sheets, similar to what she does at school.  She knows all her letters and sounds, but before she can get a phonics book she needs to be able to write capital letters.  We start on the letters and sounds and then we work on writing them.  First she traces and then she tries on her own!  Hudson plays quietly while we work, occasionally coming up and copying the sounds we're making, or repeating the words ("baseball" and "basketball" were his favorites!).

10:20 - I start a cup of coffee while Reese starts on D through F!  I also get out an apple for her for snack time!  She's been begging me for food for an hour!

10:30 - While the kids snack I call Brian and pick up the kitchen.  I also send a few texts about work and pull the sheets out of the dryer (Reese's from the night of her stomach bug.  I ended up cleaning the washer yesterday after I washed them and then never folded them!)

10:45 - Hudson hears a train and runs to the back door shouting "tain!  tain!," we go outside to watch it, and Reese decides to stay out for a bit.  Hudson and I come back in and play ball and talk about animal sounds.  He masters the dog and the lion and "Tic toc croc."

11:00 - Reese comes back in and colors while clean up the counter.  Hudson is preoccupied building towers out of his toy storage bins.  He stacks them and tries to stand on them to reach things.  Like the counter.  Or to climb on the couch!

11:15 - I start lunch.  So much easier to have it ready when we get home from school pick up then to rush around trying to do it when we get home!

11:27 - Reese, Hudson and I load up in the van and leave to get Wyatt!

11:45 - Wyatt's teacher comes out and loads him in the van.  She tells me he did great with his reading.  And that he's a character.  This I know.

11:56 - We check Wyatt's back pack to see what he did today - He made it through the first "chapter" of his reader!  We get to move on to the next!

12:00 - Everyone sits at the table while Reese acts as the "waiter" for lunch.  She helps me hand out the plates, and then everyone settles in.  The kids watch Peppa Pig while I make their drinks and fold my sheets!

12:19 - I'm taking sheets off of Wyatt's bed and I hear Reese call Wyatt a "Gina-head."  Awesome.  I remind the kids that we don't use potty language or call each other names.

12:20 - A debate ensues about what is actually "potty language" and what is "body parts."  Wyatt insists after I tell him to sit on his bottom that I have just used potty language.  I tell him it's not and that he is very close to losing his quiet time with his trains and hockey guys.

12:30 - Hudson goes down for his nap.  I don't know what is up with him right now.  I have literally never had a problem getting him down for a nap, but he's been crying for about 5 minutes over the last week.  Then he falls asleep!  Crazy!

12:35 - Reese wants to have a discussion about what's she's wearing to school tomorrow.  I'm so not ready for this.

12:40 - I actually start the wash to clean Wyatt's sheets!

12:45 - Reese starts picking out her three books for quiet time and then hides from me.  She takes naps some days and on the other days she doesn't, but she is required to read quietly for a little bit.  She enjoys the time she spends looking at books, and it's a good way for us all to get a little break during the day!

12:50 - Reese is settled in, so Wyatt and I sit on the couch and do the next chapter of his reader.  There were only 2 new words today, and he rocked it!  He doesn't have school again until Wednesday, so we'll review the story again tonight, and tomorrow as well.  I really love that his books have questions at the end for me to review with him!

1:00 - Wyatt is all set up in the "boys room" with his hockey guys, trains and cowboys.  He hangs out up there while the younger kids nap and I eat lunch/clean/blog/check pinterest/check things off my to do list!

2:30 - I've eaten lunch, done a quick sweep of the living room and kitchen, switched the blankets to the dryer, started the sheets, and am making Leprechaun Lunch as a snack for the kids (and potentially a St. Patty's Day goody bag treat for Wyatt's class).  I finally sit down at the computer to order invitations to Wyatt's birthday party off Etsy.

3:00 - The whole house is up!  The bigs go out to the backyard to play while Hudson and I cuddle.  He isn't in the happiest of moods after nap time!

3:30 - My mom calls and offers to take Wyatt off my hands for the night.  Sold!  Get your bags packed kid, you're going to Didi's.

4:00 - We head to my parents' house to drop off the big guy.  I'll pick him up on our way for hair cuts for the boys tomorrow.

5:00 - Reese, Hudson and I walk through the door.  "Mommy, is it time for dinner yet?"

5:30 - Dinner is ready!  Simple tonight, ham and cheese grilled cheeses, carrots, and grapes.  Brian has a Little League Board Meeting, and I'm not hungry yet (nausea gets the best of me at night).  Reese gives me a running commentary on her meal - "Mommy, I only like grilled cheeses on Sunday."

5:35 - Brian stops at home on his way to the meeting to pick up all the stuff he needs to turn in.  Reese and Hudson kiss him goodnight.

6:00 - Reese goes back outside to play while I play with Hudson for a bit.  She is chasing butterflies and looking for birds.  She also really misses her big bother brother right now.

6:15 - Bathtime for Mr. H.  He is really into playing with the water right now.  He says, "bath," and attempts "washcloth."

6:30 - Book and bed for Hudson.  It's early (I usually try to get him down at 7), but I have lots of work to do tonight!

6:45 - I settle Reese down with her toys and milk on the deck.  It is a gorgeous night, and she wants to stay outside.  The window is open, so while I sit at the computer and comb through never ending Excel rows, I'm able to hear her play Princesses.

7:30 - I call Reese in and she goes to wash up and get her jammies on.  We read a little bit of Ariel and she gets tucked in by 8. 

8:00 - Midnight - I get really, really involved in what I'm doing for work.  Brian comes home and we watch the sixth season of Rescue Me.  We started this show in 2009 when we lived at our old house, but it's been an off and on again thing.  Mainly the fault of our DVR deleting episodes and us having to wait for the DVD's.  But the end is in sight!

Midnight - I proof the invitation for Wyatt's birthday party and head to bed.  Because I'm exhausted!

So exhausted that I completely forget to post this blog!

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  1. Wow! What a busy day! And your Reese sounds like a real hilarious girl. Seriously, grilled cheese on Sundays? Ha! She makes me smile!