Friday, April 20, 2012

5 Year Check Up

We took Wyatt to the doctor last week for his 5 year check up.  He was not enthused.  Let's just say that he likes going to the doctor, but was not happy about the getting undressed part.  He wanted no part of sitting around the office in just his underwear.  Sigh.  The battles of parenthood.

Before his actual check up with the doctor, we had some important things to check - like his blood pressure.
And of course his height and weight -
44.25 inches tall (76th percentile)
49.25 pounds (91st percentile)

He actually put on 7 pounds this year (he was in the 91st percentile last year,too), and he grew 3.25 inches (he was 67th percentile there last year).  I don't know how he's putting this weight on!  He is the pickiest eater alive, and if I don't make him something that he likes for dinner, he just doesn't eat!

After the check on BP, height, and weight, he headed for his vision and hearing screenings!

It's nice to know that the machine and headphones haven't changed much in the 20 years since I last had my hearing checked.  He thought it was a fun game!

Once we met with the the doctor, he let us know that Wyatt is a good, solid boy!  Basically, we don't have to worry much about his weight because he's well proportioned and "athletically built"!  Ha!  Dr. Jones told us when he was a baby that he had great coordination and good motor skills so he would probably be a great athlete - and now he's built like one! He talked to the doctor at length about his soccer and baseball and basketball, so there's no doubting his love of sports!

I really liked that at this appointment Dr. Jones started talking to Wyatt specifically about his choices, like playing outside, not watching too much TV, making healthy food choices, taking swim lessons and being careful around the pool, wearing sun screen, etc.  It's nice to have someone ELSE tell him all these things! He even talked to him about smoking!  Wyatt said, "I know.  It's disgusting. It makes you sick.  My Mimi's dad died because he smoked too much."

When the doctor asked if Wyatt was eating right Wyatt said, "Vegetables?  I don't eat those!"  He explained that he does eat grapes and oranges and bananas though!  Not the same thing.  He does get LOTS of dairy - cheese, yogurt and milk are some of his favorite things.  I was wondering where all my cheese went - and then I found wrappers in his room.  He's been sneaking cheese when I'm in the laundry room! The doctor said at least he'll have strong bones :).

We have a 4 bite rule, but after the 4 bites, I don't fight him.  If he doesn't want to eat I'm not going to punish him or make him sit at the table all night (yes, I've heard horror stories from my Dad's family), but I'm not going to make him a special meal either!  He also doesn't get a snack in the afternoon if he chose to eat everything but his fruit. But nothing goes to waste! Usually my good eaters just finish whatever Wyatt left on his plate!  Ha!


  1. i have been making Dane take 3-5 bites (depending on the food, bc some i know he likes he is ust being stubborn) glad to know danes not the only picky eater out there!

  2. I like that four bite rule! Maybe eventually he'll develop a taste for those foods and learn to like them.

    My 3 year old will take a bite, but seriously gag until he vomits. Like literally all over. But I've learned to mix in the veggie he doesn't like into foods he does like. For instance, I'll put little bits of green beans into his spaghetti, and he eats them up just fine. Plain green beans, however, are disastrous. He also despises corn and potatoes, isn't that strange?

    I hated lima beans when I was a kid. But they're my husband's fave (weirdo), so I learned to like them too. He hated broccoli, but that's my fave. Now he likes (tolerates) it.

    Congrats on the great checkup, Wyatt!

  3. We're moving it up to 5 bites soon!

    I used to keep some pureed veggies on hand to sneak into things - cauliflower in mad and cheese instead of butter, etc., spinach into spaghetti sauce - but I've gotten a little lazy! I need to get back on track!

  4. What a great post! I think I used to same hearing and vision test many years ago too in Arkansas! Glad he had such a good check up. I have a picky eater too.