Sunday, October 7, 2012

Another Crazy Saturday

Yesterday I posted this on Facebook: "How is it that I'm up two hours before we're supposed to leave the house and I'm still running behind?"

That is the truth.  It is almost physically impossible for us to get out of the house at the exact minute that we are supposed to leave the house!  I can do half of the work the night before to get bags packed, make sure every uniform is clean...and we still leave the house 4 minutes late!  It's harder to get out of the house on Saturday mornings than it is on week days!

Reese was up first with a 9AM soccer game.  I couldn't even get out of the car when we got there because we ran late and I hadn't fed Finley yet!  I got there about 10 minutes in. She had a great game!  She stayed with the ball, played defense when it was time, and did a great job being a team player!
Brian and Wyatt left the soccer game early to make it to baseball on time!  I can't believe that this season is almost over.  The hustle and bustle every Saturday can get a little crazy, but I know this little guy loves to be outside, and he loves to play sports.  I guess I need to ask him if he wants to play basketball again this year!
They all played a great game yesterday, and Wyatt had some good hits.  He also worked with his buddy Aden to get an out at second base.  I wish I had gotten that high 5 with the camera!
After baseball Brian and Wyatt headed straight for Wyatt's (already in progress) soccer game.  I knew that by the time I loaded up the kids, drove to the soccer field, and then unloaded the kids it would be time for Finley  to eat, and the game would almost be over!  So we came back home.  I have missed almost all of Wyatt's soccer this year.  I went to the game two weeks ago, but I haven't seen him and his buddy Jack in action!
Jack was on a different team than Wyatt last spring, and he frustrated Wyatt because he was good and Wyatt had to work to keep the ball from him!  He also scored, and Wyatt isn't a huge fan of that.  But now that they're on the same team they like to work together.  They have some of the same issues (they both do some pushing and shoving), so they're trying to work on it.  The coach (who is also Jack's dad) told them yesterday that he was going to be mad at them if they scored any more goals.  I have no idea how many Jack scored before Wyatt got there, but he was only there for the second half and scored 4 pretty quickly.  I am desperately trying to work with this kid on being humble and modest.  I think that with the first born there's a tendency to praise everything (coloring!  walking!  being kind!) and they start to think that they're the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Or at least, that's what it's like with Wyatt!
I'm not going to lie, my very favorite thing about our busy Saturday mornings is that they usually equate to long Saturday afternoon naps!  Wyatt slept for over two hours.  He also woke up around 11 the night before and started watching the Orioles/Rangers game with us for about 20 minutes, so he was probably extra tired!

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  1. That sounds like our Saturdays! They are crazy days, but we love it too! Your kiddos are precious!