Tuesday, October 9, 2012

iPurge - Finley Edition!

So I just dumped my phone (hopefully getting my new one today!), and I found SO many pictures that I really have to break it up.  Seriously, I didn't realize that I had so many pictures on my phone!  I figured I would start with teeny tiny Finley.

This one is from the hospital.  They gave her a hat and a blanket!
In this picture she looks like a Wyatt-clone in pink and purple!
...okay and she looks like him here, too!  I love, love, love this coming home outfit!  The bonnet kills me!
In this one I think she's a little more of Reesie look-alike!  We were out shopping at Dick's and she was wide awake!  And no, she doesn't drink from a sippy cup, that's where Hudson wanted his.
All geared up for her two week well check up!
So sleepy!  She can only sleep swaddled!  She actually prefers to be swaddled all the time.  Even in the Moby or my sling, it's her favorite thing!
A day old and soooo sweet!  She honestly is just so precious, and sometimes I can't get enough of her snuggles!

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