Saturday, October 27, 2012


That's what they're calling her anyway...
While I love living on the East Coast, this is probably my least favorite part.  We should get hit by Sandy tomorrow, but the outer bands of the storm have some pretty high winds, and I think we're supposed to feel the effects of that through Tuesday?  This will probably mean no school for the kids on Monday for sure (which means no pumpkin patch parade!) and then we'll have to see what happens for Halloween!

I am hoping to that we keep our power (well, me and the breast milk that's sitting in the freezer, but I think that will go to Brian's parents house since they have a generator), but I'm working on making sure that chores that require power (like laundry) get done today!  We left town when Irene hit last year, but we're planning to stay for this.  Hopefully this one is more like Irene and less like Isabel, a storm  that hit in 2003 and left us without power for a LONG time!  How crazy is it that we're getting hit at the end of October?!?

We are off to soccer and hopefully baseball this morning.  Really hoping this storm calms down!

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