Friday, October 26, 2012

Game Ball!

Wyatt got the game ball at his baseball game last Thursday.  Brian decides who gets the ball based on their play, their attitude, how good of a team mate they were, etc.  I think as Wyatt's dad it's sometimes a little harder for him to give the ball to Wyatt - not because of any kind of favoritism, but because of our expectations for him.  Sometimes we call him a baseball and soccer player with a "hockey player mentality" if that makes sense!  He is aggressive, and especially at this age, that isn't always the best thing.  Some kids are just trying out sports for the first time, and Wyatt goes out there and wants to play like it's life or death.  And we definitely have our struggles with his sportsmanship.  He's only 5, but we know he can do better than he does some days!

Wyatt got to play first base the first inning while his buddy Hunter pitched.
They were able to work together to get a few outs! 
Baseball ready!

And I really have no idea what was happening here?  My guess is that Hunter got the ball and ran home to get the out!
Wyatt was in the outfield the second inning (every child on the team basically hates the outfield!), and then he pitched the third inning!  Throwing the ball to Aden to get the out...
They got it!  Wyatt's new thing this season has been to walk to whichever team mate got the out to give them a high five.  It's really cute, but also a bit distracting when he's at third and the out was at first!
After Brian announced that Wyatt got the game ball, Evan was the first one off the bench to congratulate him!  (And Daddy's shadow was right there!  We are in full meltdown mode with her right now whenever Brian leaves her side!)
Surrounded by the team!  It came out blurry I know, but I haven't yet mastered holding the baby and taking pictures at the same time!
Wyatt was SO excited to get the game ball!  He was waiting on the edge of his seat to find out if it was his.  He cracks me up!

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