Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The ALDS - Baltimore Style!

For anyone that doesn't know, we are huge Yankees fans around here - HUGE.  For our sixth anniversary two weeks ago, I got Brian a Lou Gehrig shirt as his "traditional" gift - get it?  Iron is the traditional sixth anniversary present. Ha!  

We watch a lot of games, and the way the Yankees play has been known to affect my husband's mood.  Brian and I finally made it to Old Yankee Stadium in 2008 before they moved to the new one.  I had never seen them play before, so I was very excited!  Brian had been to a handful of games in Baltimore and has taken many spring training trips, but it was still just an amazing place to see a game!

If you follow baseball at all, you know that Orioles and the Yankees were going back and forth for first place in the AL East in September.  We started talking then about the "what if's" of the Yankees playing in Baltimore, but didn't get too into it. Brian and I went to the NLCS in Atlanta in 2001.  It was an amazing experience - we got to see Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, Curt Schilling, and Randy Johnson pitch.  Seriously, it was fantastic!  Then the Diamondbacks played the Yankees in the World Series, and well, that didn't turn out very well for us.

We've always talked about taking Wyatt to a game before Jeter retires.  We have some time, but we wanted to make sure he was able to see Derek Jeter play in person.  The Yankees play Baltimore at really inconvenient times next season (and really, they did this season, too), so on Friday night while we watched the AL Wild Card game, Brian started looking for tickets for him and Wyatt.  The forecast in Baltimore called for rain, the tickets were expensive (but not nearly as expensive as a regular game at Yankee Stadium!), and I would be without the van for a day.  But we both kept justifying it, so Brian bought tickets and it was done!   

Seriously, every Yankees fan has to love this guy!
 The way Swisher, Cano, and ARod are standing cracks me up.  I used to say mean things about ARod, but I promised myself I would stop after he got a clutch hit in the 2009 World Series.  That doesn't mean I can't still think them, though.
 The line up!
 Cano and Jeter played catch right in front of the boys! 
 The Captain! 
 CC pitched a great game.
 Curtis Granderson is currently Wyatt's second favorite Yankee...let's just hope they re-sign him.
 I'm not allowed to say bad things about ARod, so let's just pretend that I'm NOT saying that I think this is the only time he's gotten on base in two games, okay?  I didn't say that!

Of course it still rained (the game started two and half hours late), but they had a great time - more about that tomorrow!

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