Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Finley's First Bottle

Finley finally had her first bottle last week!  I've always waited until the babies were 4 weeks old to give them a bottle of my milk to avoid confusing them, so we were just a little late with her.  It's been a mixed bag with these kids and bottles - Wyatt was fine and actually ended up preferring them around 6 months, Reese and Hudson wouldn't take them to save my life, and I am hoping that Finley is okay with them! She struggled a bit the first time, but she has had two more and she seems to be adjusting well!
She was very  awake during her bottle experience, and she seemed to enjoy the extra Daddy snuggles she got while she was eating.
I can not believe how big she has gotten!  It makes me just a little sad because I am really trying to soak in every little ounce of her "babyness."  She is just the sweetest little girl, but I know that she is our last and I want to remember it all.  I left her for the first time this morning and I couldn't wait to cuddle her when I got home.  But she was good and took a bottle for Mimi, and my hair looks fabulous, so really, what else can I ask for? Ha!

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