Monday, October 8, 2012

Sesame Street Live!

When I saw that Elmo and the Sesame Street Live crew were coming to town, I knew we had to take Hudson!  Brian was able to get enough tickets for all of us to go, but we thought it would be more fun if Hudson was able to enjoy some time on his own with Mommy and Daddy (and Finley!).

When he woke up from his nap on Saturday we asked if he wanted to go see Elmo, and we got a great big Yes!  Brian's dad came over to watch the big kids (Brave Baba!), and we took the Littles with us!

Brian and I were joking about how hard an outing like this would have been for us 4 years ago, but it felt like a date for us with just these two!  Excuse the crappy iPhone pictures!  Ha!
This little guy's face lit up as soon as he saw Elmo!  He was so excited!
Daddy went to get a "nack" and came back with a grilled cheese and apple juice for Hudson.  Add in Elmo and this kid was in heaven!
The 4 of us!
Finley was good through the show.  She did need to eat, but she finished up and then was content to be held until the end.
Hudson was just an angel the whole time.  He got to ride on Daddy's shoulders back and forth to the car, he got all of our attention (and talked up a storm), and he made the trip really, really fun!  I'm so glad that we took him!
Last night when I tucked him in, I asked him what his favorite thing that he did this weekend was.  He looked up and me and "Melmo and Cashew!"  "Cashew" is Hudson speak for Caillou, who wasn't there, but it was the show he watched right before bed!  Ha!  He is just the sweetest little guy ever!

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