Monday, October 22, 2012

Funnies from the Kids

These three keep us on our toes...and they are funny!  I haven't been as good about tracking down all the funny things they say lately, but I'm trying!

We were talking to the kids about why we don't like Michael Vick.  After explaining what we could on a child's level, Wyatt went on a diatribe about getting dogs together to fight him. Reese decided she just wants to gather "aaaaaaaall the dogs" and show them how to get to our house if they ever get near him so she can save them all. There's a big difference between boys and girls, folks.

After asking about their school day:
Wyatt: "I had to do work. I got a new reader. I played with Jacob. I chased girls."
Reese: "I played with everybody. I did W and Y in my Phonics book. I got to play with Ryan outside! Miss Stephanie had her baby! She named him Matthew!" 

And then I get a run down of every hat worn by every kid for hat day.

"Mommy, I love you more than 35 years ago when they dinosaurs roamed the earth." ♥
That's right.  The dinosaurs died 35 years ago, and I came along 5 years later.  I'm basically a contemporary of dinosaurs.

After I told Wyatt that Derek Jeter broke his ankle (and after he'd changed the channel to ESPN to confirm the story):
"What's Joe Girardi's plan now?"

Wyatt: "Mom, do you know what I told the girls at school?  That I like to litter, even though I don't."  
"Mom, do you know what else I told the girls? That when I burp, I don't say excuse me. But I really do."
I can't get that episode of Seinfeld out of my head now.  The one where one of Elaine's co-workers is interested in George because he's a "bad boy."  Yeah, that's what I think about when Wyatt tells me this stuff.

A conversation about Pocahontas:
Brian: "She's not an Indian, she's a Native American."
Wyatt: "What does that even mean?"
Reese: "It means you're from Disney World."

Reese: "If Wyatt keeps acting bad can we send him to live with another family? And I think it should be a Red Sox family."       


  1. Ba ha ha! So funny! Your kids are definite cuties!

  2. OMG Reese! The Red Sox family!!! I cannot stop laughing! And how cute that he wants to know what Girardi's plans are next. So stinkin cute! These are all hysterical!