Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sports Saturdays

We had another Saturday full of activities last week.  I am getting exhausted shuffling everyone everywhere on Saturday mornings.  I don't think I'll feel nearly as tired when all of the kids are participating as I do now when I have to worry about getting the little ones out of the house, too.  And when I say little ones, I mean as babies.  Because I know that in a few short years I will have 4 kids to get to their games on Saturdays!  Crazy!

Reesie is having a lot of fun playing soccer this year.  She gets along well with her team mates, even though she's almost a year younger than all of them.
She's also taller than most of the kids on the other teams.  I really can't believe how big she is!
I was finally able to actually watch one of Wyatt's games this weekend. He cracks me up when he plays soccer.  He and Jack are constantly yelling, "Pass me the ball!"
I think last Saturday might have been our last day with baseball.  I know that there were a few rain outs so Brian may need to use the first weekend of November for make up games.  But I'm kind of looking forward to this Saturday with just soccer!
Although this guy LOVES baseball, and I know he's going to be so sad when the season is over.  Fortunately (or unbelievably) the season starts again in just 4 months.  I think we'll be taking a break from his soccer career this spring...but I do need to get him signed up for basketball!

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