Monday, October 15, 2012

Oops! More ALDS

I have been in La La Land the last week!  Well, honestly, I've been overwhelmed and my To Do List just keeps getting longer, but I need to make it a priority to record this stuff.  One day the kids are going to be able to look back on this, and well, I want to make sure that I have all of their fun memories documented to the best of my ability.  And it's fun for our family to keep up, too!

We didn't tell Wyatt that he was going to the game until just before the boys left on Sunday morning.  He was beyond excited.  I think the combination of taking a trip with Brian on his own, going to a Yankees game, and staying in a hotel were just the most exciting things ever for him.  He spent the entire trip up worried about the rain because he was so ready to see the game!

When the boys got to Baltimore on Sunday it was cloudy, but it hadn't started raining yet.  They got checked in at their hotel and then headed over to the game.  I am a very paranoid (and anxious) mommy, so I insisted on frequent check ins and I like to know as soon as they get off the road.  This was my "we made it here" picture!
My brother is an Orioles fan who waited 15 years for a post season appearance, so he got tickets to go to the game, too.  Wyatt and Brian were able to meet up with Uncle Marc for a little bit before the game (and ran into him the next day at the National Aquarium, too).  Everyone was all smiles before the game!  Now we're all pretty unhappy (the Yankees are down 2 games to the Tigers, no one is hitting, and more importantly, Jeter is out with a broken ankle!).
The one thing that Brian kept saying over and over again was that Wyatt was so good and patient.  The rain delay was over two and half hours long, and he didn't complain at all.  They were packed liked sardines in the walkway and he was just fine.  He did want to keep trying to go to their seats to see if the rain stopped, but he was even fine to sit in the rain for a little bit! 
The boys were sitting next to two guys who Brian referred to as being "nine beers deep."  Ha!  They got to talking and Brian found out that one of the guys (the Orioles fan) actually used to live nearby.  Anyway, the guy told Brian that he was going to get "the little fella" a foul ball.  Brian just laughed it off...until Ichiro hit a foul ball in their direction.  It landed a few seats over, and everyone kept telling the man who caught the ball to give it to a kid.  Brian's neighbor took Wyatt over to the guy who caught it and he gave him the ball!!! How cool is that?  Wyatt now has a foul ball hit by Ichiro and it says 2012 Postseason on it!  This was the highlight of his trip!
The poor guy was exhausted so he fell asleep in the seventh inning on Brian.  He even slept through the ninth inning when the Yankees scored 5 runs!  Brian ended up carrying him back to the hotel, and he slept through that, too.  Looking back, one of our main goals was for Wyatt to be able to see Derek Jeter play live and in person, and after this weekend's injury to The Captain, we're certainly glad that he was able to go! When Wyatt found out about the broken ankle yesterday morning he didn't believe me, so he turned on ESPN!  Then looked at me and asked, "What's Joe Girardi's plan now?"  Chip off the old block!

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