Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Many Faces of Finley

If you were to ask a group of parents what their "must have" baby items were, you would probably get a million different answers.  In our house, the list has gotten shorter with each baby.  With Wyatt we "needed" a TON of things.  With Finley, it's pretty minimal.  A car seat, a baby carrier (Ergo or Moby), a place to sleep, a swing, and an exersaucer.  It's a nice place to let them get some sensory play, to sit up, to look at colors, etc.  It's also pretty handy if you have to cook dinner and you need something to do with the baby. Ha!

But it is by far one of the best places to get pictures of the different faces that they make.  Reese used to sit out in the backyard in the exersaucer while Wyatt played.  The boys, well, they made some pretty silly faces, but they had a lot of fun, too!

Finley is no exception.

Serious teething.
Is it wrong that I think that the perfect caption for this picture is, "You mean to tell me that this little truck makes noise?"
 This one cracks me up!
I love the serious learning taking place here.  And the drool.  The drool is everywhere!
 There is a dispute taking place over this photo.  Is she smiling at Daddy or is she smiling at Wyatt?   I can't remember, but Wyatt and Brian have differing opinions about that.
 But this little smile.  It's just for me :)!

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  1. So true---the more you have, the less you think you need! I'm due with my third in a couple months and totally agree with this statement!!!! LOVE the pictures!