Thursday, October 8, 2009

And on the Potty Training Front...

Potty training has been going so well! Wyatt has an issue with telling us when he needs to go, but we ask enough that he doesn't really have any accidents! At least, not any of the pee variety. We still diaper him at night and at nap time, but he wakes up dry most of the time. The one place that we're having a problem is when he needs to poop. And without getting into the gory details, he's pretty regular and it always happens in a diaper!

We keep one potty in the family room because it's a lot easier to get him to go when he doesn't need to be interrupted. This way he doesn't have to stop watching his show or drop his toys and come to the bathroom.

Like I said, he's doing a really great job, except telling us when it's time to go. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't. He loves public bathrooms, and he loves peeing outside, so he definitely makes sure to tell us (and everyone else) when we're at Target and he has to go. Or when we're driving in the car. Brian's so good about pulling over and letting him just go in the must be a boy thing.

We were looking for an inexpensive way to reward him for telling us when he has go that would also be something that he would really like. Brian had the excellent idea of giving him baseball cards every time he tell us. Here's his collection.

He loves to get his card and to tell us what the players are doing. Hopefully he starts telling us more often so he can collect more!

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