Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Playoffs!

We are obviously pretty hardcore Yankees fans around here. For 162 games a year baseball is a constant in this house. Brian has subscribed to the Extra Innings package for 3 seasons now so that we don't miss a game. If we're out of the house, we're listening to the game on his iPhone (thank goodness he got the MP3 connection in my Rav4).
The Playoffs are HUGE for us this year, especially since they didn't even make it last year (don't get Brian started). We rooted like crazy for the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday night against the Tigers (for our hometown boy Michael Cuddyer), but on Wednesday night we were ready to destroy them!
I still had some baseball plates leftover from our Opening Day Party, so I decided we would celebrate the Playoffs with a little baseball themed dinner as well. We all put on our Yankees shirts, ate some hot dogs and watched the game (until bed time)!

I busted out my Joba Rules shirt that I got when we went to Yankee Stadium last year. Reese is wearing Wyatt's old Jeter shirt!
Wyatt showing off his Jeter shirt while he hangs out in the "Penalty Box." Lately I've been telling him he has three minutes on the clock, and I want to hear no whining, crying or talking, and he needs to keep his face in the corner. He waits patiently for the oven timer to go off and comes out to apologize. No more asking when it's time to get out, and no more trying to escape! SO much easier!
Our dinner! Mine dinner is on the left, Brian's is on the right. For the record, Bud Light Lime is only 2 points!
Showing her support for the Yankee Captain!
Wyatt and Mommy
Reesie and Daddy!
She loves to play with Daddy's sunglasses!
Wyatt trying to mimic Sabathia!

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