Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Stomach Bug

Don't read this if sickness grosses you out....

The kids and I had a good day on Thursday. We went to get Wyatt's hair cut, we came home and played, and then we had spaghetti and chicken parmesan for dinner. Wyatt didn't really eat anything, but Reese loved it and ate every bite!

Really, she ate every single bite. After dinner we went on a walk around the neighborhood. When we got to the very farthest point from our house Wyatt looked at us and said, "My tummy hurts, Daddy." We asked him if he was hungry, and he said no. Then he told us two more times. And in the back of our heads we both knew he was probably going to throw up. And then he did. And then he cried, I picked Reese up, Brian picked him up, and we all speed walked home. As soon as we got home I bathed Reese and put her to bed while Brian took care of Wyatt. I went to the store to stock up on essentials and came home. About a half an hour later we heard Reese coughing. And see all that nice spaghetti she had for dinner? She was covered in it.

She started shaking while I was cleaning her off, so I took her to the ER. She was a perfect baby for the entire 3 hour experience. Mostly she laid on me or rested her head on my shoulder. The doctor said she just had a bug or an infection and gave her an anti-nauseau medicine. It worked like a charm! She was drinking within the hour and sent home. We went to fill the prescription at 12:30 am, and then I brought her home and put her to bed. The boys were still awake. We gave Wyatt a dose so that we could all get some sleep.

She recovered by Friday morning, but he was still fighting it on Saturday. As long as he took the medicine, he's as happy as a clam. He read, watched TV, and even ran around.

Here's what they look like when they're not sick...

And here's what he looked like by the end of the day on Friday...

And then Saturday, our worst fears came true. Brian and I both got it about an hour apart. I've got to tell you, I don't know how my babies dealt with it. I can not remember ever feeling that awful in my entire life! I'll spare you the details, but we were not only sick and had chills, but we were also exhausted. I'm pretty sure that there was about an hour last night where both kids basically had the run of the downstairs because Brian and I both passed out on the couch. I faintly remember Wyatt asking me to put a new show on, mustering up the strength to walk upstairs and tuck Reese in, and then coming back downstairs and crashing. I'm still not sure how Brian was able to carry Wyatt up to bed.
I was able to slowly sip on Gatorade and ice chips and felt okay within a few hours. Brian on the other hand, is still suffering. Wyatt also had another "incident" tonight. He calls throwing up "coughing," and he's pretty much learned that if he says he has to cough he will get immediate attention, so I thought he might be faking at first. I'm hoping he just ate too much too soon and he's not actually sick, but I guess we'll have to see. I plan on spending tomorrow doing some heavy cleaning and disinfecting. We can not go through this again!

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