Friday, October 2, 2009

Wyatt's Half Birthday!

Wyatt's half birthday was on Wednesday. We have a little ritual of celebrating half birthdays around here, so of course we celebrated it this year. I can't believe my little baby boy is two and a half years old, and in six months he'll be three.

I made the same half birthday cake as last year (look at the pictures), but I'm honestly too embarrassed to show off this year's cake because it was a hot mess. Somewhere in the midst of finding out that someone was coming to look at our house on Thursday and having to go pick my groceries up from Harris Teeter (such a good deal with kids. You can just order online and go pick up your groceries at the store. They bring them to your car and everything. I just didn't realize that it would take a few hours and they'd be ready in the middle of dinner), I just kind of let the cake get out of control. It was still half a cake, even if it was in pieces.....
Wyatt is super excited to get his cake. Yes, he is totally wearing a Dora the Explorer hat, but that's because there weren't any Diego hats, and he loves her almost as much!
And here's where the string on the hat snapped behind his ear and he lost it. I swear he's not crying because he caught a glimpse of his cake.

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