Monday, October 12, 2009

The Park!

I love fall weather. At least, early fall weather. Once it gets cold I'm done! On Thursday afternoon the kids and I took advantage of gorgeous sun and great temperatures and took a wagon trip to the park. They both LOVE to ride in the wagon, and they both love the park!

Wyatt's favorite part of the trip to the park was watching the garbage trucks pick up the trash cans on the trip there. Once we got to the park though, he loved showing off his little independent streak. He loves to do everything on his own...except the swings. He hasn't mastered those yet!

Reese also had a really great time. I let her walk along the play structure for the first time (holding my hand of course), but I also let her go down the slide (the really, really short one that allows me to reach the top while I stand at the bottom). She loved it!

Loving the swings
He likes the fact that he gets to go higher because he's bigger. In fact, he has been doing a fabulous job "big brothering" lately. He really likes teaching her to do things, and telling her what not to do. He's also all about doing things himself. I see so much of Brian and I in his behavior. Classic older sibling!
"So I get to push myself down the slide? Really? Just make sure you catch me!"

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