Sunday, November 21, 2010

All Aboard the Choo Choo Train!

Brian and I made room in our Christmas budget for decorations. And then the boys took over the money for decor. With a train.

I got the email for the GeoTrax train about 2 months ago and forwarded to Brian. He didn't seem too excited about it until they saw it in a store one day. At that point he bought it. Wyatt was with him when he bought and he's been asking about it for ages, but they finally set it up on Friday morning.
Wyatt is basically in love with this train. He keeps insisting that he's going to ask Santa Claus for another train for Christmas (which I am trying to divert him from).
At first he was very interested in the particulars of the train. He made sure that everything was where it was supposed to be, wanted to make sure that Santa never fell out while going uphill, etc. Now the train basically goes wherever Wyatt goes throughout the house.
Reese likes the train, but she's not really that into it. The funniest thing she's done is start trying to use the controller while Wyatt was holding the train in his hands. He was sitting on the couch and it started moving and he shouted "Reesie!" And there she stood with the controller and the funniest smile on her face like she knew exactly what she was doing!
This picture basically says it all. That's her angry, "I'm about to hit you face," and he's wincing because he knows what's coming. We did figure out today why her time outs aren't working. She's not really that affected by them. But if we tell her that if she gets off the naughty step that we're going to take away a pair of shoes, she sits there like and angel. Doesn't she just look precious here?

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  1. Yes, she does look precious in that picture, but this very biased Mimi thinks that she always looks precious.