Friday, November 19, 2010

Two Weeks Old!

Hudson is now two whole weeks old! Brian and I were just saying last night that we can't believe that we've only known him for two weeks. It's gone by so fast - some days I literally forget that I'm not pregnant anymore! It's pretty easy to forget - because all Hudson usually wants to do is sleep!
He spent a little time last night hanging out with his big brother.
And here he is this morning at 10:17 when he turned 2 weeks old!
He took a nice peaceful nap - and then woke up to a blow out! I will say that this little boy never has a urine only diaper. He poops about a bajillion times a day! He also is just about over with his first "illness," he's had blocked tear ducts in BOTH of his eyes over the last 5 days, which does not make for a happy baby when he first wakes up. His eyes were literally glued shut by green gunk. I know, I know, I'm really making life with a baby sound super glamorous (it's not)! Sorry - these are silly little things that I will want to remember one day!
But having this little guy is worth every diaper change and every night time feeding in the world!

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