Sunday, November 14, 2010

Big Baby!

Wyatt and Reese LOVE Toy Story 3, and when this "baby" arrived they immediately started calling it "Big Baby." As in, "Big Baby, we're ho-ome!" Or, "there's a Big Baby in the front yard!" You have to hear the way they say it, but it cracks me up!

So we got a stork with Wyatt, and then found these babies after Reese was born. I really like the teddy bear more than the stork package, so we got it again! We debated whether or not to do it because it costs money and I'm not working anymore, but seriously, there's already a growing list of things I'm going to have to explain to Hudson and Reese that we didn't do when they were babies that we did with Wyatt - how do I explain his big baby away?

Reese wasn't being super cooperative while Baba took the picture, but at least Wyatt wanted to hold his baby brother (with me) and smile!
Reese not looking at the camera!
At the old house with Reese's big baby!
...and Wyatt's stork!

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