Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hospital Pictures

We were in the hospital from Friday to Sunday evening. Here's a collection of pictures that we took during Hudson's first 2 days!
Wyatt and Reese's "big sibling gifts" were these V Tech cameras. Wyatt LOVES to take pictures with it, and he actually got a few good ones. He had to take a picture of Colin and Hudson. And this one he actually stood more than a foot away to take (we have a lot of really up close and personal pictures of Hudson's little face).
Hudson and I have matching pajamas. Apparently the nurses were talking about them because the doctor came in and mentioned them! Forgive my super cool ice pack. I had no idea that the biggest pain I would experience post C section would be gas pains rising to my shoulders. Seriously. I was up moving around by Friday evening and was shuffling around, and my C section area felt fine. But my shoulders were killing me! My nurses gave me some sort of ginger ale/prune juice concoction and that really helped me burp it out (I had no idea how to make myself burp), but I was so miserable Saturday morning! Especially since they took Hudson to the nursery for like 2 hours!
Have you ever seen a face this sweet (or this much hair)? I think he looks a lot like his big brother here!
He is just such a sweet little guy
He wore this outfit for his hospital pictures
He is such a little cuddler! He would keep his little head on my shoulder forever if he could. Except, he definitely likes to eat so sometimes his head isn't on my shoulder. He is a pretty amazing little eater.
We were able to leave the hospital early Sunday evening, so I'll post more about that later. But I can say that we are just LOVING having him home with us!

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