Thursday, November 11, 2010

Coming Home (Part One)!

Hudson and I were both cleared to come home on Sunday evening. We actually probably could have left around 3, but that would have been in the middle of the Dolphins game :). Just kidding! It's a lot easier to be at the hospital during the day, but night time at the hospital is the pits. Between the uncomfortable chair Brian slept in and the fact that I was up all night worrying about where Hudson was (they take the babies for baths at 11 - and then let the moms "sleep" until the next feeding - which means we have to go get him when it's time) or that I wouldn't wake up to feed him. Plus the vitals, the need for painkillers, etc. my longest stretch of sleep was probably about 15 minutes the entire weekend! Needless to say we were exhausted and ready to get home to Wyatt and Reese!

We ended up leaving the hospital on like, the coldest day of the year so far! Fortunately Hudson was pretty well bundled, but bringing him home made my least favorite day of the year (setting clocks back - uck) my new favorite!

Here we are before we left
Hudson all dressed in his coming home outfit. He looks so tiny in the car seat!
The three of us - it's a little blurry because my nurse took it. I have to say that this was by far my best experience with the nurses at the hospital. The nurses I had this time seemed genuinely concerned about me and took great care of me, which hasn't always been the case. And I guess they want to make sure that the baby is safely strapped in he car seat before they let them leave the hospital? My main question is - what do the parents who decided to skip the infant seat do? Bring in the whole convertible car seat?
Daddy with Hudson all snug in the car!
Mommy and Hudson!

I might be biased - but he is stinking adorable!

I'll post about our homecoming later - otherwise this post would be of about 54 bajillion pictures!

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