Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Conversations with Wyatt

I keep meaning to share the things the kids say on here, but I never do. Today I had a conversation with Wyatt about what he learned at school today and I had to post it.

Me: "Wyatt, I turned on the Thanksgiving Max & Ruby for you."
Wyatt: "Mommy, we talked about Thanksgiving at school today! Thanksgiving is coming so soon, and then it's going to be Christmas."
Me: "I know! What did you learn about Thanksgiving?"
Wyatt: "We'll eat with our families. Mommy, did you know that there used to be aliens at my school? They had dinner there. And then all the children started knocking on the doors, and then aliens just ran away!"
Me: "Wyatt, that has nothing to do with Thanksgiving."
Wyatt: (shrugging his shoulders and smiling) "I know. Nothing."

Tonight he re-told the story to Brian and Brian asked if he meant Indians (not that it would make sense if he did mean Indians). Wyatt said "No Daddy," and then went and got his Toy Story 3 case. He pointed to the box and said "No Daddy, the ali-ens. Like these guys." He then went through the entire story again with Brian, but instead of all the children knocking on the doors and scaring the aliens away, it was just him and his friend Joshua. I don't know where he gets this stuff!

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