Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a great Thanksgiving. Hudson was able to meet all 3 of his great grandmothers, and they were all excited to see him. Here he is meeting Gigi (he's named after her husband).
Wyatt and Reese were able to spend some "down time" playing out in the leaves. They had a great time throwing them at one another, making "leaf angels," and just running around.
Then we decided to take a few family pictures under the tree. Without any pictures of the whole family.
My favorite!
This was before Reese thought that throwing leaves at the baby might be a good idea. Then Wyatt held his arms out and said "I'm done holding Hudson now."
But of course Reese wanted a turn.
Hudson and Daddy! I think this was the only time Brian got to hold him all day!
Me and my little guy!
He wasn't a big fan of laying on the leaves, but it was too cute not to try!
Reese was very disturbed that Hudson was laying down crying,
So she tried to pick him up! This is why parents are never far away from these three!

After eating at Brian's parents we went to my parents house for dessert and the Cowboys-Saints game. We all had a pretty relaxed Thanksgiving, especially my Dad and Hudson. My Dad laid down on the couch with Hudson for about three hours while he watched the game, which in my opinion, is a pretty sweet deal. The kids started asking the next day if it was time to leave for Disney World now that Thanksgiving is over, and I told them they had to wait a week. So then they started asking about Christmas! I think it's going to be a long month!

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