Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010!

The kids have been talking about Halloween for months! We asked them in August what they wanted to be for Halloween and Reese said "Joker!," and Wyatt followed up with Batman. Reese is kind of obsessed with being the Joker. There's a toy at Target that is called the "Joker's Lair" and when you press a button it says, "The joke is on you, Batman. Ha ha ha ha ha!" And that's what she says all the time. So when she said she wanted to be the Joker we knew that was pretty much the end of the story.

Wyatt was going to be Batman until about two weeks ago when we couldn't find a Batman costume that was "good enough," and he saw the Iron Man costume and changed his mind. While it would have been cute, and more people would have gotten that Reese was the Joker, they both still looked really cute. I think they both did a great job for this being the first Halloween that either of them have really chosen what they were going to be!

We had a lot of fun walking around the neighborhood trick or treating. Since we moved and love our neighborhood, this is the first year that we've stayed home to trick or treat. It was nice to see our neighbors and be able to come home quickly. The kids walked almost the entire time and didn't even ask to get in the wagon until we were around the corner from our house (I wanted to be in the wagon from the time we left our court). They had a great time! I have some pretty cute pictures of me doing Reese's make up that I'll post later (blogger is being difficult), but here are there pictured before/during/after trick or treating.
Iron Man and the Joker
I'm not sure what was going on here. One thing that I love about Reese's costume is that it's all just regular clothes (minus the tutu) that she can wear all winter. She will tell you now that her favorite color is purple and she LOVES her purple Converse.
Group shot! (Yes, there are only 5 DAYS left until Gooey is here!)
She wanted to take a break from wreaking havoc on Gotham City. For about 10 seconds.
Wyatt was kind of obsessed with the flashlight.

Our neighborhood is constantly under construction, so we have portable toilets everywhere. And Brian can't miss a photo op.
Cheesing, It took me awhile to figure out what I was going to do with her hair. I didn't want to spray paint it and I couldn't find a wig. I came up with the balloon ribbon idea last week and I think it turned out really cute!
Reese walked in the door, climbed up on the couch, took her shoes off and started going through her candy.
And he pretty much followed suit!

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