Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Making of the Joker

First, you start with a little girl who is excited to be the Joker.
Switch out her shirts and push her hair back with Mommy's head band.
Then paint her face white. Shockingly, she needs three coats. Even though her face is basically only one or two hues darker than the white paint.
Trace her Joker face on with a red paint crayon.
Fill it in with grease paint with a brush, and add green "eyebrows." Try to tell her not to smile. Otherwise she'll look like a friendly Joker.
Place her pigtails in buns and bobby pin in the balloon string green curls.
Give her her trick or treat bag, and she will basically double the amount of candy her brother collects. Seriously. People kept passing them the bowl, and I suspect that her brother just took one piece while she probably took more than one.

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