Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blueberry Barbecue Salmon

Brian and I are really trying to eat at home more often.  I like to wait and eat with him when he gets home at night, which frequently means that the kids get one dinner and then we get another (and ours is some sort of fast food - Wendy's, Wawa, Subway).  It's easier for us all to eat together in the winter when he's home by a set time every night, but I can't feed the kids dinner at 8 at night :)!  Anyway, as a result, I'll probably be sharing some of my recipes with blog-land!

I knew Brian was craving salmon last week, so I picked some up at the store.  Now, I usually buy fresh salmon, but this Archer Farms frozen package looked pretty good, so I got it at my new expanded Target.

If Brian were home early enough, I probably would have just seasoned it a bit and let him grill it.  But since I had to throw it in my oven, I decided to go with my old stand by:
 Blueberry Barbecue Salmon

1 tbsp Blueberry Jam
1 tbsp Barbecue sauce
Salt & Pepper

It's super easy.  I put the salmon on a foil lined baking sheet and then sprinkle it with salt and pepper. Then mix the barbecue sauce and blueberry jam together and then coat half of it on the salmon.  I broil it on high for 5 minutes, take it out, put the rest of the sauce on top and broil it for another 5 minutes. Brian would prefer his salmon to be "sushi-like," but that's not my thing!
It tastes super yummy with whole grain rice and green beans with almonds!  It's really a quick meal that can be put together in just a few minutes before he gets home (or after the kids are in bed).

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