Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swimming Lessons!

Wyatt and Reese both started swim lessons this week.  Wyatt took them last winter, but hasn't been back since.  We figured that with all the swimming that they're doing it's safer for them to learn, so we signed both of them up.  It's nice because my schedule at work (while awesome) didn't really allow me to take them to things like swim lessons during the week, but now I can!  Swim lessons is just another fun thing to do for them, but they're learning a lot, too.

It was raining on  the first day of lessons, so I stood under a cover to take these!
Reese is right in the middle of the picture!

Getting ready to do her next "qualifier" to move up to Station 2

Wyatt is practicing his bobbing skills so he can qualify for station 3

Pulling in her teacher Miss Sidney

Wyatt sitting on the side waiting for his turn!
Class meets 4 days a week for 30 minutes.  They have classes all summer long (9 weeks!), but I've signed them up for 5 weeks.  They will be going every other week.  I signed them up late, so we got stuck in the 12:15 class for the first session, but they'll go at 9:45 for the rest of the summer.  Thank goodness!  They are both passing out in the car on the way home, and I have to give them lunch at 10:45.  They've started calling that meal their "snunch," because I give them a snack and lunch at the same time!  Ha!  It's crazy to think that after tomorrow their next class is after the Fourth of July.  Where is this year going?

It's been great to watch Reesie interact with other kids.  I wasn't too worried about her going to school in the fall, but I had just a little trepidation.  Now?  There is none.  This girl is a social butterfly!  It will be so fun to watch her start school and soccer in the fall!

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  1. love the new blog! the pics at the top are adorable!!