Thursday, June 9, 2011


Here are some pictures purged from my iPhone this week...
 I am excited to report that these grapes came from...drumroll please...TARGET!  I was barely able to contain my excitement last Saturday when we went to the store and I saw produce!  I will also say that I've never seen grapes this fresh at any other local stores.  They are crisp and delicious and I have joined Reese in snacking on them a ton this week!
 This beauty was delivered before the Brad Paisley concert last Friday!  Isn't it pretty?  I think it needs a name...
 My mom is retired now.  Kind of.  She's using all her accumulated leave before she retires at the end of the month and starts a new job.  She's taken each of the big kids this week for sleepovers.  On Tuesday it was Wyatt's turn (tonight is Reese's).  Daddy took her on a "date night."  When I told her she was going on a date with Daddy she said, "I need the dress he bought me!  And a bow!"  They went out for ice cream and then went to Target where he bought her flowers!
 Wyatt I was really craving some chocolate chip cookies this week (cough, cough).  We used Splenda instead of sugar and applesauce instead of butter.  Delish! 
 Reese and I ran errands yesterday while Wyatt was still with my mom.  I am such an easy going mother that I let her leave the house with these boots on.  I about hyperventilated, but I figured she looked cute from the shorts up, so people would know that was her "choice" not mine!
Brian and I went to Home-a-rama on Monday night.  We've been before and it's always a neat place to get ideas for your home.  We actually went to one while we were selling our house and fell in love with a house - but not the location of the neighborhood.  Anyway, this picture was in one of the houses and I found it at Target the other day.  I'm thinking about getting it, painting the frame, and putting it in Reese's room.  Love it!

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