Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekly iPurge/ Welcome

Welcome to the "new" blog!  Everything from the old one is over there ----->, it's just updated to encompass everything that we do - the old blog's name was inspired by Wyatt when he was an only child ('cause that lasted for SUCH a long time - ha!), and I think this one is better suited for everyone!

I didn't take too many pictures with my phone this week - I had the camera at swim lessons, and well, I've got my hands full when we're out and about!  But here are a few that basically sum up what we've spent the week doing - swimming!

 Wyatt has developed some sort of water obsession!  He spent the week in swimming class, and then spent 5 hours in my parents' pool yesterday and 2 more today!  He would literally jump of the diving board, swim to the ladder, and then do it all over again.  And again, and again, and again.  Crazy!  He has gotten so much more comfortable in the water, which is exactly what we were hoping for!
 Reese wants to be in the pool, and then she wants to be out of it.  She is flighty!  Today she was in swimming, and then out blowing bubbles, swimming again, having a snack - she is always hungry - ALWAYS!  And as a side note - how cute are her french braids?!?
And here is Hudson in his cute little ESPN hat - which we bought for Wyatt on our first trip to Disney!  He loves ESPN - especially Mike & Mike.  Apparently he took a liking to it when we listened to them on the way to work every morning when I was pregnant!  If he's crying in the car Mike & Mike calm him down immediately!

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