Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wyatt's Team Party and a Tides Game

The Dodgers had a team party at Coach Jim's house after their last game.  It was a fun place for the kids to hang out with each other - there was a pool, a trampoline and a swing set.
Wyatt was beyond excited to get his trophy!

Wyatt was the youngest kid on his team, and barely met the cut off to play.  Coach Jim said that when they told him that he had another 4 year old on his team (there are 2 others) he was concerned about how safe it was going to be for him.  And that he stopped being concerned when Wyatt got to practice and hit the ball to the outfield!  Ha!
Brian and I are both so thankful that he ended up on a team where the coach is so good with the kids.  He actually teaches them and shows them what to do and works with them on their batting stances and catching the ball. Some teams just kind of showed up and it looked like they had no idea what was going on!  Unfortunately both of Coach's kids age out of tee ball next year, so Wyatt will stay with the Dodgers, but end up with a new coach (hopefully with one of this year's assistants).

After the party we surprised Wyatt and took him to a Tides game!  Mimi and Baba came over to watch the little kids and we took just him.  The waterpark had a luxury box at the game thanks to a food vendor, so we got to sit up there and watch the game.  After a day of no naps and game and a party, Wyatt was a little tired and he fell asleep on the way there.

He bounced back pretty quickly once we got to the stadium.  In fact, he got really into the game.  One of Brian's co-workers recorded a video of it, but Wyatt was doing some trash talking.
He was particularly upset because the pitcher kept trying to pick the guy off of first base, and Wyatt kept shouting, "Throw the ball to the batter!"  He was cracking us up!  He also started telling us that there were plays at first and second, etc.  One season of tee ball and he thinks he's an expert!

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